What We Do

What We Do

Church Planting


We are committed to planting local churches, because we believe that God is still committed the local church. Here’s the 2 ways we “plant” churches.



Baptism 1
First, we come along side small or struggling churches and provide resources, leadership, and training. Our hope is to partner with these LOCAL churches so that they can bring the GOSPEL to their city.
Baptism 2Second, we identify LOCAL leaders who have a heart for Jesus and compassion for the poor.  We value local leadership because we want to train pastors that want to RENEW their city. Once identified, we provide mentoring, theological training, and invest financial resources to plant a local CHURCH.



Community Renewal Projects

 “The blind receive sight, the lame walk, the deaf hear, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.  Matthew 11:5 


We affirm that the Gospel has come to renew HEARTS and CITIES. As an organization we invest our resources into community projects. Through these projects the livlihood of the poor are being improved, and the Gospel is being proclaimed as a LIVED EXPERIENCE. Check out our current and potential projects!

green house project - what we do


Masii Green House Project

 In the dry climate of Masii, Kenya we helped a local church plant a series of green houses that produce crops year round. It improves the local FOOD market by providing fresh produce, and improves the local JOB market by employing workers. Click this link to find out more!


7 Loaves Project

sevenloavesproject_06We are hoping to partner with the 7 Loaves Project. This bakery would make locally marketed breads with local grains. And it has the potential to create jobs, FEED families, and improve the health of this CITY. Click here to find out more about the 7 Loaves Project.