Core Values

Core Values



These values GUIDE the way we serve…





We are a PARTNERING organization. The ministry of CCI is done at the level of the local church. Listening to God and our local churches – to hear their distinct needs – is at the heart of what we do.



Our greatest asset is our partnering relationships. We strive to created TRANSPARENT communication and ACCOUNTABILITY – financial, ecclesial, doctrine, moral – between CCI donors, CCI churches, and the CCI board.


Servant Leadership

We exist to SERVE our partners and churches – financially, organizationally, and spiritually. Our goal is enablement. The CCI board serves its pastors so that they can, in turn, serve their congregations.



We honor the diverse cultural STORIES in which CCI operates. Our goal is to help each culture encounter grace and repentance unto God in its own mother-tongue.  By INVESTING in a culture’s story, CCI invests in God’s larger story for redemption to come to all people.


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