Masii Christian Chapel

Overview of Masii Christian Chapel


Masii Christian Chapel is a purely non-denominational fellowship of believers founded on sound biblical truth. We believe in the supreme God, the Creator of the universe and the Giver of life.  We believe that humanity is fallen and lost because of sin and has no destiny without salvation. Our faith is founded in the Bible which is the inspired word of God, on Christ the savior of sinners and on the Holy Spirit the guiding conviction. We are not the only Christians but Christians alone. To us all Christians are priests called to perform different functions to make the body of Christ work effectively. The Church focuses on being culturally relevant while remaining Biblically faithful to God’s revealed truth. Worship is a lifestyle that is regular in private and vibrant in public; with cooperate worship under the authority of the Local Church Elders.


Church Focus


The church focuses on addressing social-economic needs of the community. Currently, we are educating several needy children in our congregation. We also run a program for needy women living with HIV and Aids. We are a teaching and a thinking church with vibrant discipleship programs aimed at equipping the church for the work of service.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to know Christ and make Him known around the corner and across nations.


Our Vision

To be a model Church, relevant and dynamic addressing felt needs in Kenya and the rest of the world through the transforming word of truth and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Core Values





Team Work


Our Ministry Key areas (Goals)

Bible Nurture

Community and Fellowship

Missions and Outreach

Authentic Worship


Background Information


Church Founder

Dr. Stanley Mutunga, a Pastor and a Scholar, is the founder of Masii Christian Chapel. Having founded Tumaini International Ministries, a ministry that serves and sponsors orphans out of HIV and Aids, Dr. Mutunga was constantly pestered by the spiritual and social-economic needs of the Masii Community. The people in the community kept on asking him to start a Church for them. As time went by, the Spirit of the Lord convicted him to call the very first meeting with few members of the community. When the people prayed and sought for a Pastor, the Lord raised Pastor William Maweu who came as the founding Pastor to lead and advance Dr. Mutunga’s vision.  Masii Christian Chapel dream was born earlier than 2007. The Church officially opened its doors on Sunday the 5th October 2008 at Parckrest Hall of Tumaini International Ministries, here in Kenya. On the first Sunday 40 people attended the service. The Church has been operating for the last four years. It has a membership of 120.


Church Location

Masii Christian Chapel is located in a semi arid area of Machakos County, South Eastern part of Kenya, East Africa. The place experiences erratic rains leading to persistent droughts, sometimes for several seasons. Poverty is rampant with majority of the youth aged between 18 and 35 and  jobless, hence idle and getting involved in drug and substance abuse, illicit sex and other related social evils. Women are sole bread winners and with the scourge of HIV and Aids, many homes are run by the grandmothers. For instance, since its inception four years ago, Masii Christian Chapel has attracted the most needy population especially women and children whose daily income is either a dollar or slightly above. A majority of the women are elderly and those at their middle ages are either terminally ill, divorced, or single parents with very needy children. The church has also attracted many children of diverse backgrounds. There are, however, very few men and indeed very few couples. In a nutshell, the church is predominantly women and children, low class and middle class hence empowerment and capacity building is a critical need.


City Overview

Masii is a county assembly electoral ward in Kenya. It is one of the wards in Mwala Constituency in Machakos County. Masii ward area is 160.80 square kilometers with a population of 32,367.  Masii comprises nine sub-locations which are: Muusini, Uuni, mithini, Mbaani, Utiithini, Embui, Kavumbu, Kithangani and Mithanga. All these sub-locations have their common social-economic centre at Masii Town where Masii Christian Chapel is located.



The Church Pastor

My name is Williams Maweu. I was born and brought up in South Eastern part of Kenya. I am the 16th and the last born of my late father’s family. My mother, who is a second wife of my father led me to church while I was young. She introduced me to Christian values and taught me how to pray at a very early age. I became very active in Sunday school and quite often attended children and youth camps where my faith was nurtured. By age 12, my father commended my involvement in church ministry and encouraged me to serve in the church. I cannot imagine the number of times I came forward for prayers whenever an altar call was made in church. I served in church as a altar boy, as Sunday school teacher / leader and as a youth leader. All these I did while not sure of my salvation. This happened until my last year in high school when I gave my life to Christ. I can’t explain the peace and joy that filled me when the pastor prayed for me as I gave my life to Christ, after a message on assurance of Salvation was preached in a city church.


My life in High school was focused on a medical career in the future. I worked hard and attained a university entry grade but my parents could not afford to pay for my fees. After high school, I worked in my father’s vegetable farm and excelled well in farming. I went in the city and worked as a house help before I trained in information technology. After training, I worked in the city as a sales man before landing a job in a horticultural company in Central Kenya. The Lord led me in His ministry four years after high school. He spoke to me through His word, especially Isaiah 60, through Godly people, inner convictions, circumstances and through dreams. When I finally confirmed that the Lord was calling me in to full time ministry, I joined Scott Christian University for a four year Christian Ministry training program, graduating in July 2008. I then Joined Dr. Stanley Mutunga and the founding team of Masii Christian Chapel and served as the Pastor until today.


I am a Child of God, a forgiven sinner and a partaker of God’s Kingdom, called and commissioned by God to serve His purposes in my generation. I am created in God’s image hence I posses unique qualities like morality, reason and creativity.  I was created to take dominion of God’s creation and to manage His resources faithfully. I endeavor to grow towards Christ likeness then influence my generation towards the same. I know that God has strategically placed me as a leader to make a pass in to the next generation. I therefore value integrity, stewardship and relevance. I desire not to do many things but to do one relevant thing well. I desire not necessarily to touch all people but to touch one life.  I am a strong choleric and weak melancholic but my personality is still in the making. I believe in holistic ministry and service to the whole person thus the desire for integrated ministry training. My ministry philosophy is ‘being, then doing.’ My priorities in ministry are my vertical relationship with God, my family and my Christian service. I am married to Magdalene Wangari, a lovely lady and a strong inspirational pillar in my life and ministry. We are now ten months old in marriage and it has been a wonderful walk together. She is the closest friend and supporter of all that I dream and do. We are currently expecting our first daughter Jessica Williams early May this Year. I am currently pursuing a MA Degree in Development Communication. I have a strong passion in media ministry as well as in human development, empowerment and capacity building.